Revitalizing Fruit Complex

Revitalizing Fruit Complex


Infused with Certified Organic Botanicals

Powerful new complex successfully works to clarify, tighten, retexture and revive sun damaged skin. The unique fruit acid complex is concentrated with five botanical extracts: BilberrySugar CaneSugar MapleOrange, and Lemon to promote younger looking skin with cell-renewing alpha hydroxy acids.

Achieve a healthy complexion with the action of GlycolicLacticTartaricMalicCitric and Ascorbic Acids as they work to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging. Regestril™ stimulates the repair of damaged deeper cellular matrix which is responsible for tissue degradation, hence improving the appearance of stretch marks.

Further enriched with Hippophae OilSqualeneShea ButterCeramidesMatrixyl 3000™ PeptideHyaluronic AcidPanthenol (Vitamin B5), BeeswaxAllantoin, Vitamin A and Vitamin E supplying skin with lost moisture and antioxidants.

For dry, combination, normal and/or pigmented skin. Effective in treating stretchmarks.

Recommended Use: Apply to the face, neck and other affected areas. Must use sun protection during day time if skin is exposed outdoors.

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